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Database development - dynamic database driven content integration, ALMAR Technologies Limited can develop database-driven websites using ASP, PHP, Javascript, Flash Animation with SQL and mySQL databases.

These are websites that would have certain data (i.e. available flights or stock lists) stored on databases so when the user requests certain information it will be retrieved and displayed to them depending on certain criteria they may have entered into a search. The data can be administered by you at your own leisure from a secure password protected administration area.

Keeping your content current can be time consuming and laborious. Businesses are increasingly relying on databases to provide their web visitors with the most up-to-date information.

ALMAR Technologies Limited specializes in developing databases for clients ranging from small content management applications to fully fledged e-business database driven sites.

In today’s ever changing business world web development is becoming increasingly popular as it takes websites from being static brochure type websites to anything between news / community sites to fully dynamic ecommerce shopping cart and online payments type websites.

The management of these dynamic database driven websites can be perceived as being very hard to run and manage but when developed properly using the latest programming technologies they are often a lot easier to run and manage than most people think.

Web development can be anything from a simple guest books / forums, slightly more advanced websites are Integrated with content management systems (CMS) and then up to ecommerce
websites with full administration systems, shopping carts and online payment systems.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)
Few Features of CMS Packages:
Our powerful CMS package allows you to easily customize and manage your website at your own leisure. From being able to handle simple small business our private website all the way through to managing a huge on-line store with unlimited databases linked to it.

Don't need to know a thing about designing or developing a website to be able to use this Content Management System.
Full service and support are offered on this product. If you have any queries or questions, we're simply a call or an email away.

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Online Shop and Shopping Cart Facilities

Electronic commerce
or e-commerce websites are becoming ever much popular in today’s ecommerce world. E-Commerce website development makes your site a comprehensive selling tool. Whatever your business, an online catalog, retail store, or entire mall, you need the software, hosting, support and expertise to make your company succeed on the Web. Your web site can be quickly and easily updated to reflect inventory, price and other product changes and additions. Greet your customers with an exciting, attractive and easy-to-navigate shopping experience loaded with features and convenience.

These provide the owner with a full secure facility to add, edit and delete products to their online shop that is integrated with there website with a secure panel.The website visitors then have the option to add certain products to a shopping cart and then checkout and purchase their products. All order processes are fully automated.

ALMAR Technologies Limited has comprehensive experience and expertise in developing and deploying E-commerce solutions. ALMAR can develop specialized E-commerce solutions including latest shopping cart solutions for clients, addressing there unique requirement and thus market and sell your product in a competitive marketplace.

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Online Payments Systems Integration

The online payment systems usually work hand in hand with the online shops allowing the client to pay for their Purchase the moment they checkout.

Online payment systems do not always have to be used with online shops, they can be used for taking annual membership fees to clubs and associations.

These can be very handy to receive payments as credit cards can
can be processed online and the received funds can go straight to your bank account or online merchant account.

Another popular use of Online Payment System Integration to chain shops, restaurant and shopping mall etc mostly used with Point of sale (POS) to make payment whether no shopping cart is required but through the online processing of Credit Card. Itís time to introduce online payment Integration in every possible era of our daily life.

We are experienced with Online Payment System Integration as a value added service for your growing business.

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